View from the chair

In 2006 when we applied to the New Zealand government to register as a non-profit charitable community trust, we were a group of new immigrants from mainland China arriving after 1990’s. We speak mandarin.

The intension of this organization is to help with individual self-development, independent growth and social awareness through engagement with elements of Chinese culture, history and tradition. The Trust is independent of any religious or political affiliations.

Our point of difference from any other Chinese groups in the region is: we rely on funding from the New Zealand government and other organizations which are willing to help us. We offer support, counselling, coaching and guidance for the Chinese members regardless of aspects such as age or financial situation. We work to maintain and nourish our heritage so that our people feel safe, secure by undertaking numerous projects. Some of the projects included ongoing work on our Chinese helpline to support Chinese who may be struggling, taking part in local cultural events and organizing our own cultural and language celebrating activities, such as the annual Chinese language Speaking competition.

Towards the end of 2017, we have employed a community social worker who conducts a variety of social and community work services, helping people in our community settle into a new and different environment. New tertiary students breed new life into our organization. They offer new ideas and keep abreast of new developments overseas which can be shared.

We cooperate with other Chinese community groups in and out of the region, work with other ethnic organizations, local government and agencies. Our goal is to open to the whole world to enable people from all walks of life to prosper and grow.